El Atelier de Susana will participate in Día Mágico by FIMI

El Atelier de Susana has been dressing children on the most significant days of their lives, such as communions and special events, for 25 years. Each of their garments is designed and made to make them feel unique, with simple and delicate lines that continue to show the sweetest and most delicate side of childhood, […]

Lirio del Valle”, ANAVIG’s new collection at Día Mágico + FIMI

ANAVIG, the children’s fashion company from Alicante, surprises once again with its new Communion 2024 collection, “Lirio del Valle”. This beautiful flower is associated with traditional feminine values such as freedom, sweetness, diversity, and purity, and it has always been present throughout history and culture 😊 Their long tradition in Communion, Ceremony, and Arras outfits […]

Elegance arrives at Dia Magico with Montserrat Lozano

Every season, Montserrat Lozano strives to create a collection that is both elegant and comfortable, so that the girls who wear their communion dresses feel special and unique on their big day. Their fabrics and materials are of the highest quality, and the details and finishes are carefully crafted to create communion garments that are […]