This company presents a Collection inspired by incredible Mediterranean places. Level Stand F57-59 SEE ME

Erreqerre present their Collection inspired by corners of the Greek Islands, one of the most incredible places of the Mediterranean and where the white casts reigns in blue landscapes.

Itaka, Crete, Zante, Mykonos, Corfu, Salamina…six collections in honour of the six beautiful islands where white stands out against the deep blue of the sea. For this reason, white is the protagonist colour of the season, being present in nearly all of the collections.

Polka dots or confettie are trends which don’t go out of fashion and are the stamps of the star collection of 2015, a funny touch which cheers up the sunny days of the little one with the collection Itaka, a pastel turquoise, Zante with daring red polka dots on white backgrounds and Corfu, an authentic confetti festival of colours. On the other hand Erreqerre remain faithful to their “Paisley” prints which are bursting with the elegance and characteristics of the brand without sacrificing the children’s style with combinations of blue tones and greens, Mikonos with an original and unique print which can’t go unnoticed, and Samamina with cashmere and floral prints in white. Ine every collection, infants’ swimming costumes are combined with joyful t-shirts for babies and hats, headbands and girls’ beach bags.

As a novelty of the season they will present the kaftans in plume cotton with embroidered frames, simple colours in combination with each one of the six collections, a garment which is clearly a must have of this summer.