A warm winter with HATLEY.

Nueva colección A/W 2014-15, en FIMI 78 Edición

HATLEY is a Canadian brand which has existed for more than 30 years in the north-American market and for 4 years in Europe. In winter 2011 they entered our market through the hands of Quasar Agents, exclusive agents for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, with an extraordinary sales result and a wide acceptance by the end consumer. The brand’s expansion grows season by season. You can get to know their collection at the next FIMI in January.

The demand for Hatley in our country is emphasised by a complicated environment, causing the season by season expansion and the number of selling points they now want to achieve.


Collection after collection never fails to surprise. Original and diverse designs made from high-quality have made each garment special for each boy or girl that wears it. From size 0 months to 12 years HATLEY has 3 defined productions lines in their infant collection: outdoor and rainwear with their already famous waterproof parkas that are lined with towel that are extremely light that they crave to be carried around without having to wait for rain, as they are the perfect accessory to the waterproof boots and umbrellas, without forgetting for the freezing climate the anoraks which have been tested at – 15, which offer an immeasurable alternative. Underclothes with fresh pyjamas for the summer and warm ones for the winter, bathrobes and rompers for the little ones, bodies, slippers etc, all manufactured with high-quality materials.

And finally the sportswear line with shirts with the best cotton, sweatshirts, jackets, trousers and jeans…..and in summer they add swimwear, bikinis, beach hats, with an additional value, which is the factor 50 protection incorporated into their beach garments.

HATLEY is also getting the new line named “Gifts” ready which comprises of pyjamas for male and female adults, adult footwear, men’s trousers, socks, women’s tops and a very original line of stationery and gifts, and covers for Iphone 5, hardback books, post-its, magnetic notice boards, all of them with amusing messages and designs to make life more wonderful.

And we can’t forget the “Kitchen” line where we find original oven mitts, aprons, cloths…ideal to decorate your kitchen.

You are invited to the HATLEY stand where the professionals from Quasar Agents will attend you with maximum attention.