The theme of their new collection is definitely planet Earth, the nature, the ecological value and the respect for the environment, giving relevance to the use of natural textiles and vegetable dyes. They will present their collection at Stand E 8 -10 on Level 1.

Anavig presents their new collection of ceremony and coins for spring – summer 2015. Unlike previous seasons there is no theme, but they have reinterpreted the latest catwalk trends and adapted them for the world of children with a very chic result.

Their inspiration comes from the Amazon, green in all its shades like the jungle, their precious stones like jade and emerald, and earth colours. The blues are inspired from the different tones of the oceans, seas and lakes, and corals and plants provide the reds, pinks and yellows.

The garments are a jungle heart but with urban soul

The textiles used are cottons, gauze linens and light cloths which create an elegant, sophisticated look or a sporty modern look which make the difference on those special occasions. Their proposals are proposals where colour, prints and innovative treatment of textures are always the principle protagonists.

Their hallmark is their great work and that they always opt to make their garments with great care and to a high-quality. For this reason and pursuing excellence, their complete manufacturing process is national. Fashion, design, quality are the calling card of this brand.

Anavig is a company with more than 30 years of history, who distributes its designs in the complete national territory through the expansion of their online shop which specialises in multi-brands and exporting to other countries.