ARUCA, renewed, classic hand-craft at FIMI

Colección Aruca O/I 2014-15 en FIMI 78 Edición

The company ARUCA will present their new Autumn/Winter Collection 2014 for professionals at FIMI. ARUCA maintains their handcrafted line which has characterised it for more than 40 years in the young people’s fashion sector, but in this edition they will celebrate their classic renewed touches.

Seamstresses, linen, crafts…words which evoke the Spanish tradition in those who grew up between pins and thimbles, bees nests and lumps and pin-tucks. National hand-made products, made carefully and in a high-quality, ARUCA makes a certain style of clothes, and always chooses the highest quality for the baby.

For the fashion garments they also choose high-quality fabrics, highlighting the Swiss organdie, natural silk, plumetti, batista and pique.

Scottish tartan, vichy fabrics and wool with raised embroideries mark the new features of this collection which will surely set new trends on FIMI’s journey of this collection, which will surely create new trends along the FIMI journey.