After more than 23 years creating fashion for the futures moms, we decided to do the same and dress the little ones in the house. To do this, we created our brand ‘Babine Bb’ with which we sell our children and baby items.
Our collections, following our usual way of working, included very comfortable clothes, giving children the freedom of movement they need, without forgetting the main points that all our clients look for in our articles: quality, both in the fabrics and in the making off of them, also in the finishing and design, always following the latest trends and our service on time.
All these things and with the experience we have acquired over the years, make that our firm has become one of the leading brands in the sector, as well as support our large number of customers both inside and outside our borders.
Every season is a business venture for Babine. The new children’s collection for next winter 2016/2017 will be full of color and prints of all kinds. We have opted for the pictures, floral prints and fabrics suede.
As for the color palette, Babine has chosen tones in burgundy, pink, gray, green, red and blue, among others. Mostly pastel colors with a vintage yet modern touch.
Classical, but adapting to the times, his collection has a priority over there to be discovered: the careful selection of fabrics, especially cottons, skin care of the smallest of the house. Careful choice of designs, to bring the convenience and comfort without neglecting the elegance and originality of their garments.
Babine ranges from layette clothing for babies to children of sixteen. The company is proud to have a 100% manufacturing in Spain, and from his people, Lantejuela in the province of Seville, pulls the strings of his signature worldwide.
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