Barcarola dressed the children of the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates

Barcarola Figurín FIMI
Figurín de la Colección A/W 2014-15 de la firma Barcarola

The Barcarola Spanish company dedicated to the design, production and distribution of children’s fashion conquers the Royal family of the United Arab Emirates.

Quality, the creativity of their designs and exquisite care of its details have helped Al-Nahyan Royal family to choose this Valencian company to dress their children’s Court. In particular, the designs that have been selected are inspired by a poetic return to nature not exempt from urban and touches made by combining cotton and silk, lace and hand-crafted embroidery. The result is a chic and elegant look very appreciated by consumers from Arab countries.

Barcarola will present its new collection autumn-winter 2015 at FIMI, being held for the first time on the premises of Casa de Campo in Madrid from 24 to 26 of January 2014.