Sailor World, Vibrant Colours, Vintage Fluor and Soft Harmonies are the four principal themes of the collections which they will present at FIMI, Level 0 Stand D12.


The sea breeze transports you to the Francesca River in the 70’s. It presents a colourful sailor with a retro air, in the New Born line the pastel tones applied to prints with elements of the sea: anchors, beach t-shirts and marine animals.  Squares and polka dots give reference to the baby world. In the bigger sizes they use red in all its strength. Different sized stripes and dots form combined flowers making this a very rich collection in finish and in detail. For the girls and boys the blues combined with a touch of yellow that reminds us of the light of the sun.


The colours take you on a trip with joyful and bright tones which shine with splendour. The whole range of colours and tones can be found in this theme and they are combined with stripes and prints where the neutral colours help give the group more strength and splendour. The colours also take you on a trip to the tropics where you can find animals, plants and ethnic themes. In the small sizes they highlight the protagonist animals in joyful colours. For the bigger sizes the big protagonist is the butterfly print where it appears in all its colours. But you can’t forget the boys of the theme which we present in stripes, squares and surfer prints.


Surprising, natural, elegant…this type of simple form and tranquil colours will surprise you with a fluor touch in orange so that you can’t forget that it’s summertime. For the little ones the highlights are very simple, irregular squares in green raw tones that is revitalised by the touch of colour. For the baby sizes they wink at vintage times with floral dresses and Chambray garments with cotton details. As for the forms, wide garments and       and short jackets for the girls, and smaller garments with elegant touches for the boys.


The sweetest part of nature, the flowers and the feminine colours, the pinks, purples with touches of green takes us to the French country on long bike rides. Everything in this theme breathes femininity- the forms; adjusted and exact, the patterns: the posy flowers and the release of the colours, where alongside the roses and lilacs we find colours of the sugared almond in green mint, coral apricot and pastel pink. In this theme the elegance line is where it shines brightest since the garments combine all the joyful colours and sophisticate forms. In this colouring they have also made some garments for children for the elegance line where the combined colours allowed them to create stripes and squares.

Bóboli will show his collection “Colour Garden” on the FIMI catwalk.

The discovery of Bóboli on this catwalk goes to gardening with a floral print in joyful colours. The fabrics are very fresh and comfortable with a lot of knit and comfortable forms. The colours are reds and oranges, but there are also touches of green and yellow. For this show Bóboli dresses the children like farmers with lots of accessories to remind us of life in the countryside.