BÓBOLI presents his new autumn/winter collection at FIMI

Bóboli presenta sus Colecciones O/I 2014-15 en FIMI 78 Edición

In the next edition of FIMI, BÓBOLI will show his new collection for the upcoming autumn/winter collection framed around four main themes:


With the red thread and with the inspiration of big cities like New York, Chicago and London, this trend presents us are a more urban fashion.

For the girls red takes a more feminine air with rosy tones like Cherry and pink and for the more sporty garments gray sneakers are the great ally that gives the air of city rogues.



For these trends the textiles are very fine and technical but without leaving aside affects of the warm winter properties. The knitting is also important in this group as it contributes to the carefree air of the smarter garments.


As it couldn’t be otherwise, BÓBOLI do not forget about colours. With the range of the oranges united, they present clean and strong colours like fuchsia, yellow, and electric green and blue, among others.

The prints and lines are large protagonists in these themes and are colourful and exaggerated. The mixture of textiles, patterns and fabrics make this theme rich and the textures of the corduroy and velvet add a warm air.

The forms are very young because one shouldn’t forget that they are to be worn by children, so need to remain comfortable and functional.



The retro and vintage arises this season with the indigo as union of various colour, all with turquoises and blues as protagonists.

The patterns and decorations breathe an air of another era with rich details of embroidery and applications.


The warm colours have a large presence this season with a collection of greens but with special emphasis on the strong bright greens. Mixed with tones of oranges for boys, and for the girls the combinations are braver with pinks, purples and cherries, recalling the fruits of the forest but using yellow to evoke the more colourful autumn.


The theme is floral and animals for the girls but with pictures and stripes for the boys. The textures are sought to be warm and merry, with braids and double fabrics to be well prepared for the cold winter.