Botanic and Ideal, some of FIMI’s trends this spring

FIMI already breathe THE air of spring. The next edition will come loaded with energy and reinvented trends for spring-summer 2014. But for the moment, no need to go that far. 2013 comes with vibrant colors, exotic prints and natural textures. This spring, get ready for ‘Botanical and idyllic’.

Simplify and recognize the world from what is essential, conceiving it as something extraordinary. Marvel at the leap that there is from the particular to the universal, professing love for the natural beauty.

Presenting medium tones which contain a vital promise, in ranges of greens and blues which are protagonists, and tones of beige, mixing with the raw tone, leaving brown or bleached by the sun.

With natural textures: dry, crisp, light, fluid and slippery, like a leaf or the grainy texture of the sand. In textile qualities of cotton, linen and fine wool, undisputed protagonists mingle with casual and relaxed, functionalism being crucial in thin and very light textures “chambray” denim. In prints of paintings, striped, fruit and leaves, treated as engravings or expressionist aesthetics, creating a bucolic look, nice for a very global trend.[:].