Collection after collection HATLEY keeps surprising and goes to FIMI to show their fun, original designs from a high-quality which make each garment something special.

From size 0 months up to 12 years, HATLEY has three distinct production lines in their collection: Outside / Rainwear with their famous waterproof parkas, that are lined with towel and are extremely light so that they crave to be carried around everyday without having to wait for the rain. They also have perfect accessories with their practical rainboots and umbrellas. For the colder weather we can’t forget their anoraks which are tested at -15º and which offer an unbeatable alternative.

Another of their lines is inside wear made up of fresh pyjamas for the summer, and warm ones for the winter, rompers, bathrobes and slippers….all made from top-quality materials. And finally the Sportwear line, with shirts from the best cotton, jackets and trousers for the summer which complement the swimwear: bathing suits, bikinis, beach hats, all with an added value which is the sun factor 50 which is incorporated into all their beach garments.

HATLEY is also preparing a line called “Gifts” which includes adult pyjamas and shoes both for the man and for the woman, comfortable and spacious underwear, iphone 5 covers, socks, a fun stationery line with items like post-it notes, magnets etc and all this in a fun design and messages to make life more marvellous. And we can’t forget the cooking items with their original details, oven mits, mugs, teapots…ideal to wear in our kitchen!

HATLEY is a Cantonese brand which has had more than 30 years success in the North-American market. 5 years ago they came to Europe and in winter 2011 they entered the European market through the hands of Quasar Agents, exclusive agents for Spain, Portugal and Andorra, with an extraordinary sales volume in shops which have confidence in this brand.

The difficult and complicated environment highlights the demand for HATLEY in our country, causing the increasing expansion of this brand season after season of the number of their points of sale which they want to market and today there are more than 120 distributed throughout the country.

You are invited to the HATLEY stand situated on Level 1 Stand E1 where the professional Quasar Agents will attend to you with utmost attention.