. Naturaleza will be presented at FIMI, the International Fair of Children’s Fashion, in Madrid, as a renovated classic style that preserves the innocence of the little citizens of the world.
For the season A//W 2016-2017, Carolo Baby has created 6 collections, designed and produced entirely in Spain and these have been grouped under the name “Naturaleza”. It means “Nature” in english.
Naturaleza is made up of a basic collection, whose garments can be worn alone or in combination with any of the other 5 collections, called Birch tree, Chestnut tree, Almond tree, Willow tree and Eucalyptus tree. These are five types of trees that grow all around the area where Carolo baby grows, in the South of Spain.
Rocío González, Carolo baby’s designer and co-founder, wanted to put a new twist on their classic style and the result has been Naturaleza. She did it thinking about children and their mothers, thus providing more color, new fabrics and updated cuts. The result has been a collection that is made up of versatile garments that adapt to the style of the mother and/or their children like. “For this new collection autumn winter 2016/2017, we were inspired by our environment, its colors, and we wanted to make the best of it, hence the name, Naturaleza”.
Naturaleza has been thought with each boutique and point of sale in mind: With a selection of Carolo Baby’s garments, the boutiques will have a wide range of combinations. This will allow them to also satisfy the tastes of the more classic customers and the innovative ones.

They continue using Spanish fabrics in all their collections, from flannels to viyellas, wool and velvets all can be found in Naturaleza.
In regards to the selection of colors, Rocío comments: “We have worked from green colors to the yellow color of the leafs; we did not forget about the gray sky of this time of the year. These colors give Naturaleza a child like and renovated fresh look, where the yellow is alive, the green is cheerful and the gray, becomes our favorite color. All these colors are thought of to combine in a perfect way” .
Thus, the flannel and the viyella of the blue Birch tree collection can be combined perfectly with the basic collection, where all the colors are present, so that the sets have multiple possibilities.
The same thing happens with wool, velvet and viyella in the green Eucalyptus tree collection; with the gray in the Willow tree collection and thus with the fabrics used in the remaining collections.

More about Carolo Baby
Carolo Baby is a company from Seville, Spain, that since its origins has bet on making exclusive handcraft garments. Their collections have always been designed and manufactured entirely in Spain. Spain is reflected everywhere in the garment making process, from the first design idea ,to which fabrics to use; from dressmaking to the final placement of the label.
Carolo baby is proud of its elegant, renovated yet classic style, being able to be versatile enough to dress both girls and/or boys for any occasion.
The brand sells their products in Spain and starting with the AW 2016/17 season will see their products sold in Mexico as well. They are strengthening their position outside of Spain as they expect to sign distribution agreements in the US and the United Kingdom’s market alike.
Carolo baby has been present in FIMI (Madrid- International), Bubble (UK) and the Fashion & Textile Fair in Riga (Baltic countries)
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