Casa K: jolly shirts, comfortable pyjamas…soft caressing garments

House K faces for the first time its participation in the international fairs for kidswear. From 25 to 27 January, Casa K will be one of the participants in the 76th international young people’s fashion fair which will be held in Valencia, and which last year had more than 200 exhibitors from 20 countries.

House K was invited by FIMI to expose, among a dozen of brands, his first collection in the special section “See Me”, oriented around new artists with innovative and avant-garde projects.

Aside from the activities – parades, music, workshops-House K will have its own stand which will promote their designs for boys and girls from 2 to 6 years: t-shirts and pyjamas of 100 % cotton with the Oeko-Tex label that guarantees its natural quality and its respect for the environment.

With designs of Illustrator Óscar Villán – national prize of enlightenment 1999 – from the characters of the books “The little white rabbit” and “Zebra Camila”, published by Kalandraka, are garments comfortable, colourful, cheerful and pleasant to the touch that stand out for their originality.

A most remarkable factor, House K is going to value the coherence between the editorial design and textile design, when moving the clothes to the same chromatic range that predominates in the pages of the books.

Based on the motto “for apparel from tale”, House K offers the possibility of acquiring the book and shirt pack so that the reading experience also transcends to the childhood wardrobe.

In addition to designing clothes that pay attention to the little details: hooks free from nickel, prints without plastics and frosted interior and exterior finish of carbon, anti-bolas treatments, fabrics and dyes selected to preserve the quality of images and the sustainability of the clothing… this first collection of House K also introduces an element of surprise: a hidden character in the t-shirt sleeve simulating the “game of the cuckoo”.

Although he is recently knew to society, Casa K has managed to sell in more than 100 outlets all over Spain. Models of the small white rabbit and the Zebra Camila by Óscar Villan for the first collection autumn/winter 2012, will be adding new designs in the next spring-summer 2013 collection, whose architect is Marc Taeger Illustrator.