The Spanish firm has developed this collection especialemnte thinking in children, their innocence, sweetness and joy to have inspired the development of the lines. These are based on six panels of color, with a common structure, giving life to a fluid collection with many possible combinations of garments, and turn them with footwear.

Military military green creates trend in the Peace & Love line, this hue reaches the gold in the form of tulle skirt. The Mallard Blue Night invades the line to take over the ocean classic. Pretty Baby represented by elegant black which shows his “cane” touch.

Metallic Grey arrives from gray to dazzle with metallic touches. Always place the infallible represented by Denim Jeans denim in all its forms. And Sweet Pink, the most conceited side of the collection starring the pink, the favorite of many girls.

A highlight of the collection are rich shirts in applications such as sequins, ribbons, beads and rhinestones. Skirt of tulle in gold, black, gray and pink is added, as each season dresses have a presence importante.Este year as a novelty, Conguitos introduced leggings to let her go more comfortable prints Patchwork skirts, three flyers Plush cold and to offer an aesthetic sport with more detail and rhinestone Conguitos chapita.

T is also inluyen in three colors to match the rest of the collection, hair jackets hooded zip with an air more casual than usual, and a big bet is made with feather anorak in different colors, they presented the logo signature in strass and bags of feathers. In line with the ceremony garments predominate materials such as elastic velvet, embroidered tulle and lace. Unlike the casual line point, cotton, plush and cool denim is appreciated.

Accompanying the part of clothing, shoe collection catalog presents more than ever, remain classics like ballerinas, boots, Australia boots, sports originals become light and many more models Boots. Collection regarding modeling and colorful, fantasy finishes, reptiles, patent leather, split leather, glitter and metallic shades predominate in the development of the entire collection expands.

The original prints with hints of fantasy, colorful, and rich look with simple patterns selcción form a unique and exquisite designs. The key to this collection is versatile, which allows clothing and footwear to children at all times of their daily lives, with comfortable designs at the same time stylish, and most important in the confidence that comes with a brand 100% Spanish.

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