ANAVIGAnavig, the Levantine company with long tradition in suits Communion Ceremony and Arras, continues to surprise with the new plot twist that adds to its new “Ice Princess” collection, inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen tale “The Queen of Nieves “.
Winter landscapes, mystical nature and the realm of the imagination are the axis on which turns this serene, emotional and epic collection where magic becomes possible.
The color palette is composed dusty clear and icy cold tones, covering a spectrum from neutral and cheerful a gray and blue tones heavier tones. Thus a gradual transition from light to dark creating a tension that is balanced by the use of cold and pearl cakes, costumes giving a refined and elegant halo.
They provide sumptuous fabrics to garments. The relief jacquards, velvets, and wools Vielha with layers of lace and knitted fabrics combined with warm paintings and prints, creating perfect for today’s celebrations sophisticated and modern models.
As he usually does, in Anavig inspiration comes supported by solid pillars such as the highest quality in materials and mime in a garment made entirely in Spain. The company has distribution throughout the national territory through a wide network of multi-brand stores. Moreover, for some years, its cosmopolitan spirit enjoys an excellent reception in other parts of the world. Consistency between design, materials and workmanship make Anavig a true example of Spanish fashion.
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