Dreaming reality: An urban and modernen spring/summer at FIMI

Accompanied by a fresh touch and urban attitude are the key reasons to renew the wardrobe of the small ones. The union of masculine and feminine. Dreaming the reality it gives its name to one of the trends in children’s fashion for next spring-summer 2013. A full white light range in order to project a delicate, almost fluorescent spectrum. A fusion of light and a certain degree of acidity to stimulate the creative attitude and positivism. An expression in shades of pastels, white coloured and fluorescent.

The nature and technique come together to create fabrics light but consistent, such as chiffon, silk, nylon, cotton, organza, guipure, lace and embroidery, which become more geometric and modern, bringing refined and romantic stitched garments. Textures with satin, iridescent effects, pearlescent, metallic shiny or ultra matt.

There are also the prints of flowers, artificial pictures, psychedelic, geometric, abstract, effervescent and artistic character.