A new simple and original collection which will be presented for the first time to the professional public. Level 1 Stand F11 New FIMI.

A simple Collection which uses everlasting classic tissues with pique. The true protagonists are the embroideries of the giraffe Cecilia and the turtle Gabriela, printed on open garments, ideal for going to the ice-cream parlour for a large cone of chocolate ice-cream.

Elisa Berto studied fashion design “figurines” at the school of Arts and Crafts in Valencia. Even when she was small her inclination toward fashion was obvious. Soon after her studies, she participated once with a collective stand of youth designers and once at an individual stand at the trade fair. She worked at Donnetta after winning a scholarship and designing her first collection for the brand Luminela. She also made it the top 5 finalists of the national competition in San Sebastian in honour of Balenciaga in children’s fashion. The collection was called “one idea and four colours”.

In this edition of FIMI where Elisa wanted to present her first Collection as a new enterpriser and is sure that the professionalism of the assistants will understand the effort and love that they have put into this collection.