elisa menuts

Comfortable, cheerful and chic children. That is the maximum Menuts Elisa, a children’s fashion firm born in Valencia over 50 years ago and since then has been faithful to the precepts of quality, mime and innovation in each of their garments.
His Autumn-Winter 2016-2017 collection is a good example of his understanding the design and generally life: dresses, shirts, pants, culottes and coats with contributions in some items of English Romanticism and show children stylish girls, which retain the innocence of infancy and need comfortable and warm clothes to do what they love most: play, learn, discover.
With pink, gray and dark blue as predominant colors and the English countryside and colleges british inspiration part of his proposal, his latest collection joins fabrics such as point, the viella, skin or toile de Jouy and combines with floral prints, paintings, moles and birds that carry us and pure bucolic landscapes where the imagination has no limits.
The details, as always, make a difference. Embroidery, crochet lace and flowers that make each garment unique and offer a touch of distinction and exclusivity to their outfits. For Elisa Menuts designs, such as children’s wear, they are unique and unrepeatable.

For more information: www.elisamenuts.com