Emotion, fantasy and imagination without limits in the Collection that TUC TUC presents at FIMI

La línea “Terrific” de Tuc Tuc en FIMI 78 Edición

The clothing line “Terrific” of Tuc Tuc at the 78th Edition of FIMI

THE DNA of the new collection of tuctuc for the fall/winter 2014-15 compises of emotions, fantasies and imagination without limits. Across that, tuctuc represents a spectrum of sentiments that the children experiment while discovering the world is round: from the tranquillity of the soft and natural, to the euphoria of the forest, passing through the puzzling unknown universes, or through incredible mysteries and hidden fantasies in fables and popular fairy tales. The nature and its elements, as well as the urban ambients and artists are represented in infinite ways.

They treat you with an extensive collection full of shades and details, where the creative explosion comes together with the maximum level of comfort and the optimal quality of the materials and finishes. They accompany our little ones from their birth till they are14 years of age.

The NEW BORN collection is aimed directly at newborns in the home, they characterise your inspiration in the minimalistic and naïve trend, which conveys the stillness and softness appropriate for this stage of life. Forms and compositions of subtle characters, as points or stripes, or drawings that simplify the strokes, forming stars and animals that will be keys for the clothing line Le Cirque y Baby Doudou, or The Circus and Baby Doudou. In the line Beep Beep, we can see the tones that intensify and appeal the different shades and striped in multiple colours. The counterpoint with respect to the previous lines, comes given for the reddish tones of Family Portrait or plants and flower images inspired in the libery style of the line Tweet Tweet.

Taking care of the necessities of the babies, the clothing NEW BORN always characterises for the optimal level of comfort and pleasant feel. They have a wide array of clothing, elaborating from a very soft type of cloth in which the child will have complete free movement, an essential characteristic in this early part of life. Some examples of this care for comfort are the romper suits, jogging suits, and the tricot sets or polar cap mittens and scarf. However, children’s trousers result in similar levels of comfort and respect with the baby, so that the baby always feels the softness and comfort of the clothes, independent of the occasion. With coats like duffle coat for little boys and girls, the protection from the cold is always optimal.

Between the clothing lines BABY we find for the girls cheerful of corduroy jumpers, clothes and tricot jackets, combined clothes, trousers, leggings and developments such as mini skirts, shorts and denim clothes; highlight a large range of t-shirts for little boys, and for girls; little trousers, tracksuits, romper suits, duffle coats and raincoats, water or sport boots. The always present accessories makes everything fun with umbrellas, backpacks, bandanas, mittens, trucker hats and scarves; also accessories for the hair of little girls. A great variety of maternity bags and sacks also play an important role in each line. As usual, the care in the details are absolute, and we unmistakably find in each piece of clothing the area of the clothing line it belongs.

In the clothing lines Alpine, Ufo and Faerie, striking shades and prints based on fuscias, blues and greens, printed cheerfully and bright on the clothes, where we move to the universes of fantasy and natural lives. The counterpoint to this tendency of strong shades, comes in the hand of the clothing line Eskimo, based on blue colours and turquoises that are darker; the genuine clothing line Terrific, completes the multicolour stripes, squares in vibrant colours combined with shades of water and the right shades. As usual fun prints that are from the geometrics, to the inspiration of the scribbled child drawings, they will do the delights of the bold and creative. The clothing lines Big Race and Nature Life, take reference from the squares and stripes, and the colours of the marine, greys, greens and reds; which on occasion are accompanied by details of more striking colours or cheerful prints of flowers. The clothing line of Amsterdam Cats, for their part, take reference from the colour trio formed of marine, white and red, creating elegant and cheerful compositions based on the moles and stripes, in which the feline mascot of the collection is leitmotiv.

For the KIDS, each clothing line responds to a unique style and character, where each child will find what fits most to their personality. We observe vests and shirts, tracksuits, denim trousers, leggings, raincoats, duffle coat, sweatshirts and vests, and a great variety of t-shirts for both the little boys and girls. The rainboots and the winter accessories are presented in both clothing lines, and their style is given by the characteristic details of each one.

For the girls we observe shades much more intense in the clothing line Love Cat, which utilises fuscia as a base, complimented by shades of blue and rosewood, with form prints in which they combine forms and textures, leading to one of the lines more poppy. The clothing line Baby Doll, is all romantic and uses as its base the shades of blue, they form delicate pink and green prints, with motives of flowers and squares. The clothing line Alice and CO and New Folk, presents a style with a tendency to folk and vintage, where prints are inspired by tradition, nature, and the moves of Russian folklore. In this occasion, natural colours, grey, raw and oranges, play a protagonist role.

The more urban kids will find in the clothing line Brooklyn Tour prints full of motives that represent the big city, and at the same time launch messages and defend nature. Marine blue and green form prints of squares or of stripes completely elegant and personal. The clothing line Born to Revolotuion, presents a genuine style in which the dark and greyish colours that contrast with other greens and oranges. Prints full of rebellion and sympathetic skulls get a unique touch with this clothing line. Gas and Co, is a clothing line with a classic style, where sober colours such as marine blue and grey predominate, and prints with stripes or with text and numbers print a personal character on the clothes.