ENTRELACITOS, children’s classics that pay attenion to detail

Entrelacitos participa en NEW FIMI

Entrelacitos is a young new design brand for infants’ fashion which is relying on NEW FIMI to present its latest collection.

A brand which dresses boys and girls in high-quality fabrics and does not ignore current trends. They are working on sizes 1 – 14, and this year they propose new mantels, leather and fancy garments. The little ones also know what they like in fashion.

Coats, capes and jackets in different tones. Parts in which foreclosures are carefully completed to ensure the finish that differentiates them from other brands. Parts that do not get lost in time.

Children are dressed in accordance with each age sets that reflect design, comfort and quality. Totally different parts for mothers. They think of them and have prepared capes and dresses so that the mums look as beautiful as their children.  The autumn / winter season 2014 /2015 is full of prints of flowers and many more.

At the NEW FIMI you can discover all their proposals and compare the quality.