SEE MEE welcomes the delicate Collection produced with much dedication and care for soft babies. Get to know them on Level 2 Stand F45

Lilo&co is a small hand maker of garments for babies up to 9 months. They also make accessories, bags and pyjama among other items for infants. One of their star pieces is their endearing teddies they are inseparable friends to children and provide comfort to them above all in their hours of rest.

Their unique handmade creations are especially delicate for babies and their mothers. Every garment is designed individually, sewn and decorated by hand with much dedication to detail and care for the little ones of the house.

Their natural fibre fabrics are the basis of their creations. They take care of the delicate skin of the babies, dressing them in 100 % natural cotton. They use timeless colours and designs, with a range of chromatic, soft and elegant pastel colours. They are insprired by the tranquillity and peace that babies give off, and they dress them to accompany their natural sweetness. The garments are designed to endure time, weave moments and create memories.

Lili&co was created bit by bit…their creator Lolita Scheibli, began to weave and create clothes for her future grandchildren with much, much love, through the illusion of a grandmother during the pregnancy of her two daughters. Bit by bit her creations started to become well-known and desired by other mothers.

Her garments squander tenderness and dedication and all have the seal to say they have been well made. The developing details make her garments small works of art. Lolita continues creating and personalising each and every garment, and day by day she is becoming more famous…always with the same enthusiasm as that first day – she is dedicated to her brand.