Fimi and Cero A Cuatro, a fair start which gives 100 % to the universe for children



The whole childhood at your fingertips. That is the premise of two ever more united competitions: FIMI, the international trade fair for young people’s fashion, and zero to four, the international baby trade fair.


This morning Daniel Marco, regional secretary of tourism and trade of the Generalitat Valenciana, accompanied by the President of the institution, Alberto Catalá, and entrepreneurs in the industry, have opened the 76th edition of FIM and the 25th edition of zero to four, the international baby fair.


Two international events for the universe for children. Significant in many news and activities that have taken place during the day: meetings between designers – on this occasion Fernando Lemoniez presenting her new collection of girl Miss Lemoniez – and one of the more veteran designers, Francis Montesinos-, press, industry professionals and fashion students.

For Lemoniez, which has a very clear concept of women “thinking about a Lemoniez girl is relatively easy. Contrary to what you think, there are many girls who want to dress up well, with a certain air as though they were 50 years.” For his part, Francis Montesinos who, in relation to children’s fashion has more to do with the ceremony, continues to believe in ceremony, and although there are still many pre-set standards he said “I won’t throw the towel in, I still believe that a child can be different”.


Two major parades have rounded up the business and fashion day: the FIMI catwalk Fashion Show – with the participation of new companies: Larrana, Lea Lelo by Susana Mazzarino, Rochy, Oca Loca, jib with Swarovski Elements, Boboli, Bimbalina, Jo Jo and Barcarola.


And the exclusive parade of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The new edition of Nuditos has been added to this, where he displayed works from his students of different schools of design and fashion, initiative that has also had its own catwalk.

Finally, the third edition of FIMI has been presented: solidarity fashion, a pioneering initiative in a contest of fashion will be pumped with force, as the heart that represents it.

Both competitions will remain open until Sunday 27 at 3 p.m. at Feria Valencia.