Three months before the celebration


FIMI will celebrate its 80th edition January 17th to until to the 19th 2015

at the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

FIMI, the International Fair of Infantile and Juvenile Fashion, works at a good rate . Three months before its celebration, more than 50 % of the marks from the past call have confirmed their participation in the 80th edition: :  Adara; Agatha Ruiz de la Prada; Amapola; Anavig; Antimilk; Azul Colibrí; Azul y Rosa; Babidu; Babylis; Babybol; Barcarola; Belán; Blue Seven; Bóboli; Carmencitas; Chocolat Baby; Chocolate Chus;Chua; Clo∼ Dadati; Desigual; Derhy kids; Dorez; Dr.Kid; Elisa Menuts; Elisabeth Puig; Eve Children; Fina Ejerique;  Foque; Fun&Fun; F.S; Granlei; Hatley;Ido; Illice;  Kangurín; Larrana; Lea Lelo; Leon Shoes; Linolito; Lion of Porches; Macali; Mayoral; Miralindo; Miralles; Miss V;  Name it; Newness; Nora; Oca Loca; OhSoleil; Paloma de la O; Paqui Barroso; Patachu; Petite Minou; Piccola Stella; Pilar Batanero; Play Up; Plumeti Rain; Redkins; Sanmar; Sisca; Spagnolo; Stertaler; Sun City; Tartaleta; Tutto Piccolo;  Vaello;  Varon e Hijos; Sardon; Tinny Shoes; VanGennip; Vegotex; Xti; Wedoble.


Also, it has received the incorporation of marks such as: Bufi; Carlomagno;  Kid´s Line; Losán; PDK and new marks such as By Mafalda´s Mum; La Cigüeña del Bebé; Lunares en Mayo; María Aragón; Man Singh & Sons;  Napo y Fina or Rocky Horror Baby.

In this sense FIMI, whose calendar releases dates are Saturday, January 17th until Monday, January 19th, will repeat at the exhibition site Casa de Campo, with hopes to grow in offers from both national and foreign marks. It is confirmed that this exhibition of professional character and international ambience that is held in Spain centred on infantile fashion, footwear and complements and is opened to the universe of the infancy.


FIMI has initiated a round of visits from different clusters of the peninsula to convey the concept of fair -global, itinerant international and low cost – with the objective of receiving all of the brands related to the world of childhood. Therefore, the January exhibit will reconvene all of its exhibition areas: FIMI space; New FIMI – new entrepreneurs-; SEE ME – another point of view to understand fashion; – FIMI & Agents – Brokers-; and Nuditos- future professionals. In addition, it reopens a wider, broader agenda of exhibits under the international week of children’s fashion FIMI FASHION WEEK.