FIMI, new challenge, new town, new incentives

Las Colecciones de O/I 2014-15 de Barcarola desfilarán en la Pasarela FIMI, en la Real Fábrica de Tapices, de Madrid, con motivo de la 78 Edición de la Feria

The Recinto Ferial Case de Campo and la Real Fábrica de Tapices will host more than 10.000 professionals of the young people’s fashion sector. Parades, presentations and trends from around the world will be found in Madrid at this 78th Edition of FIMI.

There are already only a few days until the 78th Edition of FIMI, the Young People’s Fashion Trade Fair. A fashion and accessories show for young people, organised by Feria Valencia that will take place for the first time in Madrid, where they will present all of their collections and new proposals for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2014-2015. The event with the universe for children will take place on 24, 25 and 26 January in the Madrid Arena, Recinto Ferial Casa de Campo.

In this 78th Edition, FIMI reinvents itself to become the excellent international event where quality and competitive prices meet. For FIMI and for Feria Valencia, the new celebration of the event in Madrid is a challenge, a big challenge which marks the turning point in their career.

Thus, FIMI will not only achieve a major international push at a time when export is key to the sector, but it also associates its exhibitors with clients with high purchasing power. On the other hand, there will also be renowned international companies present such as Cakewalk, Donna Karan, Zadig&Voltaire, Jottum o Timberland.

Likewise FIMI is also becoming a global trade fair, focusing on young people’s fashion, footwear and accessories but open to the universe for children – a travelling exhibition whose first stop is in Madrid, with the participation of 483 national and international brands.

Feria Valenica awaits the participation of more than 9.000 buyers, from than 300 internationals from in and around Europe like China, USA, Peru and United Arab Emirates. To do this FIMI works on continuous collaboration with ICEX, Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, and ASEPRI, the Spanish Association of Children’s Products.



The FIMI catwalk returns – the great success of this international exhibition, this time with two walks at the La Real Fábrica de Tapices, situated in the centre of Madrid. The participating companies are Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Barcarola, Bóboli, Elisa Menuts, Foque, I-Am, José Varón, Lea Lelo, Lourdes, Mayoral, N+V Nieves Álvarez + Villalobos, Name It, Oca Loca, Sanmar y Tuc Tuc.

The first walk is on 23 January at 6 p.m. and expects the presence of prominent personalities from around the world such as Nieves Álvarez y Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The second is on 24 January at 8 p.m.

Additionally, FIMI has organised a complementary special events agenda, to provide the opportunity for companies to actively participate in the fair and with the public.

The space for future designers

FIMI’s nuditos also returns. The space for new creators and young talent who would like to become well known, reinforcing FIMI’s commitment to creativity and quality. This edition already counts on more than 30 participants from different countries who will exhibit their work and organise various workshops for all professionals. Nuditos also counts on their own catwalk which will take place over three days at 1 p.m.

Fashion solidarity and commitment to the environment

FIMI also commits to the environment and their solidarity initiatives, with the projects Fashion Solidarity and FIMI and the environment. The first is an initiative whose participating companies donate clothes to less advantaged families. They also commit to the protection of minors using the internet, and have collaborated with ALIA2 “for a safer internet for our children”. FIMI additionally wants to reward participating brands which are respectful to the environment.

Lastly, FIMI is based on many businesses, ideas and lots of creativity, to the extent of companies which have only recently been created, because the goal is to optimise these companies to maximise their participation.