Fresh, new and comfortable is the new collection which Barcarola presents at Magical Day by FIMI

Boceto Colección
Boceto Colección “Agua de Mayo” Primavera-Verano 2014

“May Water” is the name of the communion collection 2014 by Marien Escrivá, designer of barcarolle, presented in the magical day contest by FIMI.

Allusion fresh and romantic to a bucolic spring full of fantasy, taking into account current concepts of practicality and fashion in total harmony with nature.

Natural, light and airy fabrics, chiffon, cotton, voile, crochet and canvas in cotton, linen and silk, mixing textures and combining tones as white, raw, sand, grey, rose and vanilla.

For girls, skirts that allow fluid movement, superimposition of different lengths with asymmetry, wide rustic sashes with auction of bolillos, piconelas, ribbons of silk and floral decorations at the waist. Bodies with silhouettes and elbow sleeves accentuate the romanticism of the set which is complemented with very short cut layer jackets.

For boys, jacket and trousers with a very casual air in light and natural fabrics, sailors in sand colours, made from raw linen. Predominate is the blend of textures.

A fresh, new and comfortable proposal, very in tune with children living in the present, they know what they like and how they want it.