Nuditos, the FIMI space dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of students and ambitious promises of future design in the professional world, has achieved its goal. One of FIMI’s Nuditos, “Petite Minou” by designer Ruth Boente, will show her first collection in the next edition in July in New FIMI which is dedicated to new entrepreneurs.

Ruth Boente from Nuditos, an entrepreneur responsible for the brand Petite Minou, will present a collection that focuses on a formal and elegant line but adapted to children’s comfort needs.

Boente defines her collection as “fun clothes with floral prints inspired by the French countryside that with emotions that lead to a different style. This way the design is a comfortable but dressed style for the little ones. “An idea very creative and original from the Nutditos to jump into the market.”

The collection will be exhibited at the next edition of FIMI, that will take place from 4th to 6th July, at the Casa de Campo in Madrid.