Gary brings nightwear for the little ones with Italian designs, comfortable and elegant

The love for the nature is always the mean inspiration for the Gary’s collection: Romantic pattern for the little girls that for the night love to feel as princess we thought to some pattern made by little cute flowers winding up on the stem or sometimes peppered all over, watercolor or glittering print embellished by some strass.

For our little urban knights we thought to some print and pattern inspired to the city life and color. How to define this collection? Stylish, comfortable and Italian.


Colours of its new collection at FIMI

Porcelain, terracotta, biscuit or ivory tones, shades of red that recall the maple leaves in autumn, or the unique nuance of the nouvelle wine, the green in the fern, mistletoe or fir shades.


They mainly use warm cotton, fleece, or our soft and warmest punto milano.

Design clothes for new born (0-3 months), babies (9 – 36 months), children (3 -10 years) and kids (12 -16 years)