Lullaby y IAM verano 2015 (1)

The company presents at FIMI a Collection which stands out due to its originality and uniqueness. Level 0 Stand A7

 “I AM WHAT I AM KIDSWEAR” is a simple concept, like many big things, which aspires to be close to those who appreciate their uniqueness and way of being.

Las creaciones de esta marca han sido diseñadas y concebidas con esta filosofía, ya que la expresión del carácter también reside en la elección de un color, en el corte de una camisa o en la calidad de los materiales seleccionados.

“I AM WHAT I AM” offers garments from 100 % cotton with finishes, details and dyeing techniques which make them unique.

They work on sizes that go from 4 – 16 years; however there are creative exceptions such as the manufacture of garments aimed at mother and daughter or father and son, which enjoy the same style.

“I AM WHAT I AM” is a sincere brand like a smile sent to a friend via SMS, a colon, a hyphen and a bracket. Three signs say a lot.

Yellow, green, electric blue, red, and of course fuchsia and pink. Brilliant colours, only affected by the tints which are mixed with neutral tones like gray and sand.

Every garment “I AM WHAT I AM” has a unique personality: aged, photographic prints, tacks, applied sequins, small interventions of embroidery and their label in the form of a small t-shirt with a smile make it possible.

The company believes that the best way to describe the character of the brand is its Simplicity, the excellent quality of the materials, the way in which they adapt to all the children and parents that pay attention to fashion trends without omitting comfort.


The sweeter, traditional and classical collection line is based on, on the one hand, in sky colours, pinks and whites combined with beige, and on the other, in a marine style where white and marine give life to yellow.

Funny tissues, stripes, delicate polka dots with hearts allow us to introduce comfortable clothing without forgetting the taste for detail.

The modern lines for girls take force with cowboy effects, fuchsia and tones that go from orange to coral. For them we use a themed American university style or prints that take us into the early days of aviation.

Our collection is completed by a more bold, fresh look with Hawaiian tinted tissue and photographic prints with vintage effect. Shades of yellow and green water inviting us to enjoy the warmest season of the year.