The new collection from IKKS JUNIOR is made up of a mix of sporty garments and “casual chic” garments. FIMI will be the setting where they present. The Grupo Zannier Stand C27, Level 0.

More than fashion, IKKS represents a lifestyle, a concept which unites authenticity and creativity. The IKKS children have a strong personality, it’s brilliant but not first class. They are sure of themselves, irreverent but not a rebel, in a word: dream children.

It’s a brand which Studies and Works at every detial with full attention. They represent the exact dose between the shadows and the looks, and the subtle alliance of the opposing elements offer IKKS its modern and inimitable character.

Chic/informal – creative/casual – sophisticated/authentic – rocky / clean, IKKS is also a brand territory designated by themes with distinct identities which have enabled them to build up an image as a generalist and seductive brand in all market segments.

IKKS is a brand with presence in every market segment, with men’s and women’s collections of shoes, sunglasses, underwear and perfume und license. IKKS is an international brand, distributing through more than 300 shops and 3.500 multi-brand shops.