In praise of analog, Play Up presents a unique, coherent and transverse collection

The Portuguese firm comes to FIMI with a collection inspired by their  deeper roots, what defines them as intuitive and creative beings. They tried to reproduce a time prior to automation and recover the sensory qualities that give meaning to experiences. They wanted to be connected and informed, they don’t give up the time necessary to contemplate and create.

In praise of analog is the motto of this collection, which we present for the very first time in a unique line, more coherent and comprehensive.

The selection of the materials, colors, textures and finishings followed this search for the inner essence of all things and the beauty that exists in the natural, genuine and in the subtle.

With this collection they openly declare our preference for the simple shapes and for the simpler techniques. More than an aesthetic choice, it mirrors our commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle, materialized in the prevalence of organic cotton and handmade allovers.

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