JAFEP, multi-surface paint from Ágatha Ruiz from Prada, at FIMI

Pintura Agatha Ruiz de la Prada para JAFEP en FIMI 78
Pinturas de JAFEP para ‘agathizar’ tu mundo, en FIMI 78 Edición

The multi-surface paint from Ágatha Ruiz from Prada is a 100 % water product, which can adhere to any surface while providing excellent coverage and washability makes it practically 100 % versatile and a paint for everyone, allowing you to paint walls, give a touch of decoration to a room, or glaze furniture, metals, doors or plastic.

 “Agathizar” recyclable and fun

The objective of this product is to provide those who have purchased Agathización for their surroundings, with a scented multi-surface paint that is available in 9 colours.

This paint has a concept high above all others: recycling. But this product goes further because it also means you are saving money as well as protecting the environment. With this multi-surface paint from Ágatha Ruiz, you can also have fun, and save money by turning that old or boring piece of furniture into something new and vibrant. By doing this you are also creating less waste!

With this paint from agathizar you can transform your entire environment on the inside and out! Paintable surfaces are: wood, metal, iron, masonry, plaster, cement, PVC, plastic and of course walls and ceilings. The result is a decoration full of life and colour, which will transform everything you like into a waterproof washable surface. It also has a pleasant aroma and is solvent-free!