José Varón arrives at the new edition of FIMI with more illusions and expectations than ever

Colección A/W 2014-15 de José Varón en FIMI 78 Edición.

The new edition of the International Trade Fair for Young People’s Fashion arrives for the first time in Madrid. With the change of location, we hope to increase the number of visitors, and make the international projection of the Spanish children’s fashion brands more notable.

José Varón is going to show its modern face with the new collection autumn – winter 2014. The designers inspired by international trends then make them into children’s fashion. The colours used for this new collection are based on dusty pastel tones.

The fabrics used include the prevailing trend of pictures. Its line continues to have a marked British accent based on window pictures, Prince of Wales, and traditional tweed, which reinvents itself into full colour. In the collection we can also see the classic print of horizontal stripes of varying sizes, combining various colours.

However, the Jacquard is most often used in several families in the collection. This drawing, managed directly on the loom is a trend, and offers plenty of decorative possibilities, both in shape and texture. We can see both monochrome and multicolour oriental, floral and geometric motives.