KUKUI, Accessories cheerful cool and funny, at FIMI

Kukui en FIMI 78
La firma Kukui, presente en FIMI 78 Edición

Kukui presents at FIMI edition 78.

The Spanish firm KUKUI presents again at FIMI its collection of accessories and children’s decorations. It is true to its clear commitment to add quality and imagination to a perhaps overly industrialised and conservative sector, unique designs that are cheerful, fresh, fun, handcrafted in our country out of exclusive fabrics will be presented.

Baskets to keep baby diapers, vials and toys, matching towels, bibs, juguetero blanket- toy bags to play on the floor and collect everything in a heartbeat, horses, super soft and cuddly dolls, decorating mobiles, …

KUKUI offers quality and design at competitive prices. We’re waiting for you at FIMI.