In their second call at FIMI, La Amapola present a collection impregnated by Andalusia airs.

With only 3 campaigns behind them after their inception in 2013, the Castilian-La Mancha company (although impregnated by the Andalusian air of its designer Beatriz Bustamante) LA AMAPOLA will expose for the second time consecutively at FIMI consolidated as one of the highlights of the panorama of Spanish children’s fashion at present.

At FIMI they will present a collection full of colour, smooth and subtle yet joyful prints and many details which make them different. Their designs, both the quality and the textures used for the finish are exquisite and receive a close treatment. Both the commercial client and the end consumer have been keys to their success.

Without being loud and slowly but surely they have made their way into all the best boutiques and foreign markets as foreign as; England, Ireland, Angola, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Santo Domingo and Scotland. One of their principal objectives is the internationalisation of their products and their commitment to new markets like Russia, Italy and Latin-American countries.

They would like to thank all their clients who have had confidence in them since the start and their nearly 20.000 followers on Facebook. And not to forget their children, Martina and Beatriz who are the inspiration and are responsible for this continuing dream.