FIMI, a fair that grows and expands, is going to receive visits from selected buyers from Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Dominican Republic, a continent that is also growing. The list goes on increasing as Latin America develops economically. Because of this the interest in children’s fashion that is designed and manufactured in Spain and Europe from professionals from across the pond is increasing.

Currently motivated by their own growth, Latin American countries seek to consume Spanish fashion on levels that have never before been recorded.

Two developments in the business are worth mentioning: the first one is the participation in trade missions of FIMI with the collaboration of ICEX  (the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade); and with the collaboration of ASEPRI, (Spanish Children Products’ Association), and the second is the need of Spanish brands of growing abroad, and maintaining the high export level.

It is a fact that Latin America is looking directly at FIMI. The dates – 4th – 6th July at the Recinto Feria Casa de Campo in Madrid- coincides with the celebration of the first edition of the FIMI Fashion Week: the big date of the FIMI FASHION SHOW.