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The company combines the most recent youthful designs with elegance.

At the start of 2014 LOANA was born, a fashion brand which specialises in infant’s fashion, which descends from a textile enterprise group with more than 20 years experience in the sector.

Their high and constant rhythm of work is because their garments are designed and produced by their own company, using textiles from the national origin.

This brand maintains firm social ethics, thanks to which they have managed to mature a product produced in Spain with Andalusia origin, continuing additionally to help the disadvantaged through their established company policy, which is responsible for raising funds for various charities.

Loana reinvents infant fashion with their summer Collection which combines the most recent youthful designs with elegance and attraction at the same time, without ever forgetting the importance of quality garments. was also born, an online shop where you can find a catalogue of the garments and place orders in a few simple steps. This virtual platform has succeeded in giving the compant international coverage, and allows management and contact with the customer 24 hours a day without them needing to wait or travel.

Finally, Loana is a strong proposal for expanding the horizons of the national textile market, like their slogan says “Andalusia dresses.”

En definitiva, Loana es una fuerte propuesta por expandir los horizontes del mercado textil nacional, pues como dice su eslogan “Andalucía viste”.