The brand offers for more than 50 years a current style, with a constant concern for quality and respect for the children.

Jeanbourget developes around one conviction: respect the child and understand their needs and wishes. The brand offers quality garments, with an irreproachable cut that are care for the smallest details. A creative fashion with regard to quality.

Jeanbourget offers two main lines which respond to the different moments of children’s lives: the Smart line and the Casual line.

The Smart line has an elegante gestare that splashed both big and small moments. Limited Edition: a chic and urban spirit for the little ones in fashion! Special Edition: elegance and refinery for our princesses and naughty dandies! The tradition has been redesigned according to current tastes with noble materials and refined details.

The Casual Line: an informal chic style for everyday. Various lines with different themes in line with the trends and creative sensibilities from the study of design from Jeanbourget.

Distributed to fifty countries around the world, Jeanbourget enjoys a genuine popularity in both France and on an international level. The brand also has their own stores in France and abroad.