MAYORAL shows at FIMI “the greatness of caring for the small”

La Colección Radio Hall, una de las muchas propuestas de MAYORAL en FIMI 78 Edición

The leading company in the children’s fashion sector in Spain, and one of the principle groups specialised in Europe, shows at FIMI their collections for children who are 0 – 16. Dresses and accessories, segmented by age, that are cheerful, comfortable and stylish.

Among their Collection for girls you can get to know the trend CUTE BATIK, based on the fusion of cultures, this family proposed a bohemian mixture. They recover the techniques of dying prints and patterns for IKAT and EL BATIK, together with structural stripes and rustic threads. Their range of colours is browns together with pink salmon and natural colours.

The vintage inspired CHARLOTTE Collection recovers classical styles with a strong impulse of renovation. The proposals show geometric prints, structured effect cheviot knitting and a mix of knitted yarns for a draught and fluffy effect. Predominantly they use golden mustards together with classical neutral colours.

The collection IN THE WOODS, is a minimalistic “sporty chic” trend, based on the ecologic theme and focuses on a mobile applications filter. It expresses a compromise and an environmental conscience in form of clothing. In this proposal, there are many lined shirts and graphs inspired by nature, constructive messages and photographs of animals and woods. Their colours are wood tones combined with forest greens and nuances of blues and yellows.

NORTHERN HARBOURS, where the harbours from the Northern towns like Oslo, Estocolmo, Helsinki etc serve as inspiration for this trend of sailors. Predominantly the details are in gold, the stripes are classic and the knits are canale. Their collection of colours combines blues together with tones of caramel, terracotta and brick.

They also have the RADIO HALL Collection which immerses us in the concept of Varsity, the aesthetics of sports teams from institutes, universities or colleges.  This trend is a reinterpretation of the class and retro which has been converted into modern times. Predominantly the details used are stripes, numbers, lettering, knitting of the number 8 and tuxedos. Their range of colours: citrus and petrol with touches of cherry together with ices and grays.

MAYORAL has 12 commercial branches in 63 countries, and they distribute to more than 8000 customers around the world. In Spain, Mayoral has its own chain of shops (150 selling points). The slogan “make friends” has been, and still is an important part of Mayoral’s philosophy, which is based on their success in offering the highest quality fashion at the best price.