At Magical Day by FIMI, Mercedes de Alba will present a collection “elegant and classic, that turns every girl and boy into a princess or prince, making his or her  First Communion a special, magical day”.

The fashion brand – Mercedes Alba – which is based in Sevilla opened up a new line of business in designing clothes for communions, continuing on a path that began 15 years ago. The quality of raw materials, the finishing touches,  and design customization have always been the key factors in building this craft workshop.

The designer, Marina de Alba, takes over from a long family history in the world of fashion and creating confections in new techniques, pattern designing and fashion design, making each work unique and special to the client, and can leave her atelier with everything needed for a great celebration.

With a great feeling for fashion, taste and aesthetics, Mercedes Alba decided to enterchildren’s fashion two years ago, which meant not only the consolidation of the firm into a new market of activities but also the expansion of its public objective, previously almost exclusively female.  Now the smaller children are also their target especially on special occasions such as the First Communion.

As the designer of the firm itself says, this activity has given wings to her expressiveness and her imagination can look back to the childhood memories of her family home, where embroidering and sewing played a part. According to Marina de Alba, clients have defined their collection as “classic and elegant, converting every boy and every girl into a prince or princess, making his or her First communion a special, magical day”.

De Alba also emphasizes that, despite the uniqueness of each garment, “we want prime Simplicity, avoiding the baroque”. These signature characteristics, unique of the brand Mercedes de Alba, are those that gave the brand more thrust in the sector and turned it into one of the strongest. In fact, as the designer says, “we have taken this step together with our clients, and all those people who relied on our company for the special moments in their lives are all special to us. Girlfriends, godmothers and relatives are now mothers and grandmothers of those children who today, are endowed with imagination, creativity and new expectations to Mercedes Alba.

The collection of Mercedes de Alba will be on display in the Room of Madrazo, at the Real Fábrica de tapices in Madrid from 16th to 18th May.