MIJN winter collection 2014 ‘the atmosphere of Winter’

The atmosphere of Winter, that has been the inspiration for the Winter collection 2014 of MIJN.

Winter is often one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. Who doesn’t know the wintry scenes with beautiful white landscapes. Fresh snow, crackling campfires and thousands of lights that seems to enchant all. Skating on ice rinks and lakes. Skiing on snow-covered slopes or enjoying long walks in the cold under a clear sky with at the delicious hot chocolate and whipped cream at the end.

MIJN has compiled a matching collection for these special moments. 

Holland’s blue ice crystals on off white fabric and checkered pattern in vivid colors makes is it demure colorful.  Combined with fur collars and ski caps  the collection will become sporty and comfortable for girls and boys.

Color accents as brick red, camel, blue and aqua are the basis for many beautiful combinations of skirts and dresses with sweaters, jackets or shirts. Much more than previous collections MIJN ensures with the winter collection 2014 for a powerful presence in any combination.

In terms of accessories this Winter collection 2014 the arm warmers have gold piping, while beads in matching colors see to a playful element for the leg warmers. Fur collars, tough knitted hats and scarves provide warmth during winter weather.

This season MIJN introduces four sturdy, but classic leather shoes with a finish on the inside that matches the colors of the winter collection 2014. For girls we have booties and for guys we have sturdy boots of which the top can be fold down. There are also two pair of shoes that can be worn both by girls and boys.

Besides the usual boys ‘and girls’ sizes in 2 to 14 years, MIJN has some items in the collection for young adults in size XS– L.

MIJN uses for the production of the garment fabrics that are made out of organic cotton.

From MIJN to you

If you give something to another you often say “from me, to you.” It shows that you care about someone and that you are personally involved with those. With the slogan “From MIJN for you” MIJN also wants to demonstrate its commitment to the children for giving them nice and comfortable clothing so the children can shine more. MIJN means ‘mine’ in Dutch.

MIJN also wants to demonstrate its commitment by consciously choosing to use organic cotton in the production of her clothing and to support the project TEARS in the city where the production takes place. Organic cotton is better for the children, it is better for the environment, is better for the farmers who grow cotton and is better for them that processes the cotton and it’s better for the workers in the sewing workshops. The project TEARS is a local project and initiative in the place where the garments are produced. Project TEARS ensures that mentally handicapped children have schooling every day. With every garment sold of MIJN a child can go to school for one day. All garments of MIJN have a striking card with the picture of one of the many children that benefits from this action and go to school for a whole year. Www.tearsagra.com

….this is also: From MIJN for you !


Las propuestas de MIJN para Otoño/Invierno 2014-15, presentes en FIMI 78 Edición