The Designers of the company commit to cheerful, fresh exquisite designs. Level 2 Stand F39.

Collection Borgoña. Exquisitely wrapped, uses linen and plays with polka dots. The colours? Slate blue and white.

Colecction Burdeos. It runs cross-country vineyards with cheerful paisley prints in pastel colors.

Colecction Córcega. Fresh designs in white and wheat, perfect to explore the more palatable mountainous island of France.


Colección Niza. Combining green plumetti water with the freshness of the eternal summer white, Miss Uve is perfect to run around by the sea.

Colección Provenza. Immersed in the French countryside, sports playing among the lavender fields where the lilac, white and earth are the colours actors.

The designer Cristina Paz-Peñuelas commits to joyful, fresh and exquisite designs which combine comfort and good taste. Hugely satisfied?

La diseñadora aragonesa Cristina Paz-Peñuelas apuesta por diseños alegres, frescos y exquisitos, aunando comodidad y buen gusto. ¿Una enorme satisfacción? A Collection that is fully produced in Spain and guarantees an impeccable finish.

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