MON AIR ATELLIER was born where they recorded albums of great artists in the 1980’s, and now in that same workshop they create new pieces of art from silk, lace and pure cotton under the name of Mon Air Atellier.

The garments don’t only show the future, but also have a vintage air about them which evokes the past without forgetting the present. Mon Air puts soul into every design and gives it shape, putting a name to them that will not go unnoticed.

Mon Air designs communion and flower girl outfits, and a very exclusive collection with patterns that are sewn very carefully. Their concept develops the idea of versatility. The products have a double personality which changes…depending on the accessories with which they are combined. You can personalise the headdresses and sandals for every dress, providing them with a different look for each occasion.

Mon Air has seduced big fashion with his particular way of interpreting his creations and looks. This 17 May they will show a report on TV on “Solo moda” where they will explain their history.

You can see their collection on May 17 in room Velazquez, stand 63 – Real Fábrica de Tapices in Madrid.