FIMI is consolidated as a platform of business and catwalk trends in the circuit of international events and is the only professional exhibition international and on the national scene.

The international fair for young people’s fashion FIMI was an excellent showcase for the 300 exhibitors who presented their latest collections. More than 5,500 professional visitors from all over the got to know FIMI and the latest in children’s fashion…

The 79 Edition of FIMI, the Trade Fair for Young People’s Fashion, closed its doors at the Casa de Campo in Madrid after meeting their expectations. A total of 300 national and international companies, a figure which exceeded the number of participants in June 2013 by 50 %, presented their latest collections for spring-summer 2015 to the world.

On the other hand the demand; the number of professional visitors increased by 53.24 % with more than 5.500 professionals from all over the world, which was the largest percentage of foreign buyers which had increased by 30.43%.

The foreign buyers came mainly from European Union member countries such as Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and France, followed closely by USA, Russia and Mexico. But most remarkable was the presence of companies who came to FIMI for the first time from countries such as: Argentina, Japan, India, New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Moldova, Panama, Qatar, and Tunisia.

FIMI received 47 % more buyers originating from the Autonomous Communities. The largest increases are reflected in professionals from the Communities Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia, Basque and Asturias.

The participating companies at this edition concluded FIMI as the event for professionals of children’s fashion, an event where business is done. Elena Esquivias from the company N+V Villalobos + Nieves Álvarez says “every time we are becoming more companies which are committed to showing our new collections at FIMI. For more offers and more turnover come to FIMI”. Also, Joan Pujol, responsible for the companies Jottum and Catewalk among others, confirmed that “FIMI is more international each time and continues to grow”, additionally he said that “the children’s fashion sector is beginning to move and FIMI is its platform.” Finally he added that “the expectations for next summer 2015 are magnificent.”

Miguel Cadarso from the company Tuc Tuc confirmed that “the latest two editions of FIMI have cleared the recovery of the Spanish children’s fashion sector; in both editions there was an influx of both exhibitors and visitors.” Also Mónica Algas from Bóboli says that at FIMI “our company established new commercial contacts with buyers both national and international” and that for “some of these new international agents, FIMI was the place where they held their first meeting.”

Pedro Varón from José Varón e hijos highlighted the remarkable number of foreign visitors who attended FIMI, and says “the established contacts have been quality and we have even had an increase in orders for countries like Germany and Saudi Arabia. Additionally, they concluded by saying that they are “very excited about the new era of the Young People’s Fashion Fair in Madrid and hope to increase the number of international and national visitors.”

“The project of a fair focused on children’s fashion, footwear and accessories and open to the universe of children is the formula that has managed to awaken the interest of buyers and visitors from around the world. Thus, FIMI becomes the undisputed platform which responds to the needs of the children’s fashion sector. FIMI maintains their first objective to be a facilitator of business for the companies involved, and in this sense, they are working on the programme of invited buyers for their 80th anniversary at the hand of ICEX, ASPERI and CFE” comments the director of the event, Alicia Gimeno.

Success of the first FIMI FASHION WEEK, an extensive programme of shows dedicated exclusively to children’s fashion.

The FIMI FASHION WEEK, FIMI’s new project to convert the catwalk at FIMI into a unique event which concentrates exclusively on children’s fashion in Spain, has been a success. The first edition of the FASHION WEEK has become the stage where companies show their collections of ceremony, swimwear and communion wear to professionals and international fashion media around the world.

The most important national companies such as N+V Villalobos + Nieves Álvarez, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Oca Loca, JV José Varón, Sanman, Barcarola, Little Paula by Carmy, Mayoral, Tuc Tuc, Bóbole, Tutto Piccolo, Tartaleta, Bonner á Pompon, Oh!Soleil, Lea Lelo + Susana Mazzarino, Bimbalina, Foque, Condor, Pan con Chocolate and Larrana joined other internationals such as Lion of Porches or Piccola Stella which showed their collections for the next season spring-summer 2015.

Additionally, the FIMI FASHION WEEK was the first catwalk on a global level for children’s swimwear fashion. Large brands such as DC Kids Dolores Cortés, Oh! Soleil, JV José Varón and N+V Villalobos + Nieves Álvarez were present at the catwalk.

The communion and ceremony fashion wear was also a protagonist at FIMI FASHION WEEK. The designers of Les Enfants de L’eden by Hortensia Maeso, Miquel Suay, Barcarola, Larrana, Magnífica Lulú, Carmy, Carmy de Luxe, Aire, Paola Dominguín, Rosa Clará and Paqui Barrosa added luxury and glamour to the catwalk.

New companies like Chocolate Chus, Javilar, Juliette en Voyage and the first Nuditos converted into businesses, Petite Minou, showed their first collections.

In short, a total of 38 companies participated in the first FIMI FASHION WEEK which included the proposals from young promises of design, and Nuditos originating from nine design schools in Spain (Alicante, Leon, Seville, Valladolid, Madrid, Sabadell and Valencia) which paraded on a professional catwalk for the first time.

Feria Valenica is already preparing for their next event. A very special edition which will take place from 17 to 19 January 2015 which will once again present children’s fashion but this time will celebrate its 80th edition.