Nieves Álvarez, with N+V, presents her collection A/W 2014-15 at FIMI 78 edition


The N+V Collection for the Autumn/Winter of 2014-15, will be presented at the 78th edition of FIMI

A new collection for the Winter of 2014 begins, with the challenge of capturing all the creativity of the 5 collections already created and which are gradually conquering the market. Nieves Álvarez knows that their followers value a simple style and they want to surprise them.

Nieves Álvarez’s inspiration was born in Italy, where else! In the impressionist movement of the Macchiaioli. Italy is a country which Nieves knows pretty well. It was a group of painters who rose up against academicism and worked in small formats, but monumental in conception, something that Nieves Álvarez also intend to do.

The collection of N+V for the winter of 2014 has the importance of colour: vivid colours, coordinated with the winter cold, resulting in a palette of soft and pastel tones. They move in four ranges: cloud blue, lake green, stormy greys and, breaking and getting carried away by the most extreme trends (with a clear reference to another form of rebellion, like the Punk movement was), checked in red and black.

Nieves Álvarez play with carefully studied structures, with a simple appearance, but with a great work of design; this allows them to continue the search for style through simplicity. The collection is not full of accessories or applications but each garment hides small details that make it almost unique.

And new this season, they have included a new concept me + mommy. A limited edition so that mothers can dress like their daughters.