Osamore presents at FIMI 85 its proposal of teens and children´s fashion for summer 2018 inspired and looking for a guiding thread in Mexico, taking references in the tradition, craftsmanship and taste for the manual elaboration, the crucible of landscapes and colors, culture, attitude to life, family and the joy of its people.

We dive in its underwater world with the ARRECIFE collection, its variety of corals and marine species inspire us a collection full of reddish, orange and yellow colors. Aged cotton garments, soft and cheerful for the smallest and ethnic for teens.

We fell in love with its paradisiac beaches bathed by the CARIBE sea. The clear turquoise waters of different shades and white sand. Collection of fabrics handcrafted treated to transfer that range of colorful green water, navy blue and turquoise with details in sand color. Each garment is different and surprising as the crystalline waters of Mexico. Cotton clothes very pleasant to the touch, soft aged fabrics and small touches of brightness that please all the ages, but each one with an own design.

In the TROPICAL collection we enter in its dense landscapes full of vegetation, flowers and butterflies. It’s a real multicolored party. Colorful garments that make us dream, which remind us of the joy of its people and their parties.

And finally we let ourselves be enveloped by the beauty of its more arid landscapes with the DESIERTO collection. A true natural wonder of lush forests of cactus, shrubs and colorful carpets. The cactus pattern becomes the protagonist of this collection, in multitude of garments like dresses, suits and T-shirts.

With this proposal we want to live a unique experience, to become adventurers of the landscapes and places of this land so amazing and beautiful.

In your memory…