pezPUNTO proposes at FIMI a Collection with a high level of craftmanship, pampering and affection

pezPUNTO proposes at FIMI some collections of children’s fashion from 18 months to 10 years. Its designer develops the pattern design, the tailoring, the preparation and the stencil, resulting in a collection in which each piece is handcrafted.

pezPUNTO works thoroughly over the whole process  of making each of the garments. The choice of the patterns corresponds to the pursuit of comfort and originality, based on the choice of fabrics and their combination. These can be interchanged to achieve variations in the finishing touches of a single pattern. All this is performed in the workshop by the same designer with great care and affection.

Another of its proposals is the use of the art of the stencil, applying figurative motifs in the garment, when the fabric allows it, as a complement to a dreamlike collection.

Based on collections of small circulation, the variations and nuances it proposes require a look and a direct contact with the fabrics, which the firm gladly provides from its workshop in Barcelona.

pezPUNTO, moda artesana en FIMI 78 Edición