PILAR BATANERO presents at FIMI a romatic and versatile collection

Pilar Batanero FIMI 78


Pilar Batanero presents its collection A/W 2014-15 at the 78th edition of FIMI

Pilar Batanero surprises again. Immersed as always in the search of the best raw materials and innovating as usual, the firm from Seville arrives at FIMI with a Fall-Winter 2014 collection both versatile and romantic.

Powdered colours, special and poetic, as well as light and timeless fabrics, new designs perfectly interpret cruise proposals to enjoy time.

Autumn and winter are successfully mixed in garments intended to extend their use between seasons, moving from the outside autumn to the inside when the complement coat is also a protagonist.

A more contemporary collection, of 100% Spanish manufacturing, creative and rich in shades, with the unmistakable touch of Pilar Batanero.

For more information:www.pilarbatanero.es