The simple romance and elegance of the collection on Level 2, Stand F35.

For her masters she studied the problems that babies’ delicate skin has, and researched the benefits of using natural and intelligent fabrics.

Hence the idea of creating a babies’ and children’s fashion brand was born, which would focus on the well-being of children, without overlooking design. Their garments are produced with natural fabrics and the very best quality.

Their style can be defined as simple and romantic. Like the garments made with fabrics that allow running, dancing, crawling and jumping. Additionally their garments have a country touch because they love everything that comes from nature. During the design they imagine children playing in open air, in the forest, or on those days when they do crafts with the family because it rains outside.

In the spring/summer 2015 collection they use rustic fabrics like linen, which contrasts with the other, sportier ones like the tulle with glitter. Within this there is also a line of knitted garments made from 100 % cotton, with a current design and trending colours.

Love the ruffles, the mixture of fabrics with different textures creating unexpected volumes, the details on the back…all this done in a very sweet way.

Finally, PLUMETI RAIN is romantic, simple, elegant, fun and nostalgic.