Practical, comfortable and soft are the signs of identity of Petit Oh!

Petit Oh! is a brand of cotton clothing for babies that is characterized by being comfortable, practical and specialy very soft. Convinced that the delicate skin of babies needs a very sweet and breathable cotton, especially during the first year of life, Petit Oh! makes all its garments in Peruvian Pima cotton, considered by experts as the best cotton in the world.

Its collection is composed of simple and easy to use garments designed to make the life of the baby softer and life of his parents more practical.

Petit Oh! layette

Both the store and will help you select what you need, with an ideal variety of basics, accessories, period, accessories and natural cosmetics. After 12 years exchanging experiences with moms, dads and grandmothers, the firm knows what it is necessary to include in a layette.

In the clinic, Petit Oh! help everyone learn to care for the baby. For its softness, how easy it is to dress and undress, because everything combines with everything.

By the way, this season has come to Petit Oh! a new bassinet design, very light and practical. A gift that you love from the first minute.

In the clinic, mom and baby you keep thinking that you are one. The matching nightgown makes you feel good in touch with the delicate skin of the newborn. All the details count, especially the first time.


Petit Oh! pyhamas

The dream of all parents is a baby that sleeps well. Although nobody has the magic formula, everything adds up. For starters, the comfort of pajamas, the quality of the fabric that is in contact with your skin or the ability to change it without waking it up.

Petit Oh! has much to contribute, with incredibly comfortable pyjamas, made with the finest cotton that exists, and very easy to put on and take off. Do not forget that every baby sleeps in their own way, and sometimes you need pajamas that open from behind, others that open in front, and other that does not pass cold even if it is uncovered.

As the children are lucky enough to spend many hours a day in their pyjamas, Petit Oh! designs models and varied colors so that they are always beautiful, warm and comfortable. Willing to conquer everyone with his wonderful smile.

Petit Oh! stores

Petit Oh! has what your baby needs from birth to 2 years. The most comfortable clothes, made with an incredible cotton, something that you realize just by touching it. Both the basic and the collections come in many colors and prints that always combine with each other.

In addition to the most essential and practical clothing, Petit Oh! has a very studied selection of accessories, walking accessories, food, bathroom and the new design of bassinet, Moba.

Where to find Petit Oh!? There are three exclusive stores in Barcelona and also the online store, which sends you free orders from € 80. Through the website you can also ask where are the multi-brand stores that have Petit Oh!, sure there is one near you.

If you need advice to select the layette items, make a gift or simply make your life easier with the baby, it is best to go to one of the shops Petit Oh! The girls they serve are true experts and have a quiet corner for breastfeeding moms. All the details count.

Petit Oh!

Here goes the little story of a brand for babies from 0 to 2 years old that has won the love of moms and dads by force of softness.

Petit Oh! started 12 years ago with a line of baby basics that were differentiated by the quality of their Pima cotton, the softest and most durable you can find, according to their fans.

Little by little they were expanding and now also offer trend collections, with seasonal novelties, but always maintaining the softness, comfort and the ability to combine everything.

Petit Oh! has three exclusive stores in Barcelona and a super complete online store. In addition, their garments are distributed by boutiques around the world.

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