rosalita señoritas

Oriental colorful illustrations and a touch naive strokes are responsible for awakening the imagination of the smallest of the house. The main protagonists to carry out this task are the Artichoke and Corn collections composed of pieces made comfortable and versatile, mainly in red and green tones, and finished with fake fur details tissues.

The chic air of the season and they put the Avocado Celery collections. Hair, suede, golden studs and tweed toasted and raw blue tones are mixed to compose a warm and comfortable clothing. For there is also a more traditional space, and comes on the heels of the Carrot Collection. Red and navy blue are the basis of this collection that combined with fun prints and colorful detract seriously.

With Potato collection, the “Ladies” will make us remember those wonderful years of our childhood where we enjoyed both by our first drawings with mom and dad. The world of fantasy Cauliflower takes center stage in the collection through its retro prints takes us to the most romantic and special places in Paris.

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